FinSolar project has moved to

FinSolar project was kick-started by Aalto University School of Business 1.9.2014. Together with over 50 business and municipal partners, Aalto University researchers aim at speeding up Finnish solar energy markets.

By facilitating cooperation with experts, companies and public organizations, FinSolar creates new models for collaboration, procurement and finance. These models are based on real-life cases and inspired by international success stories.

The project aims at recognizing legal and governance barriers for market growth. This is accomplished by pragmatic and user-friendly methods. Dialogue methods are used to promote the solutions for these challenges.

FinSolar is funded by Tekes and scheduled to last until the end of 2015.

Raimo Lovio, Professor at Aalto University School of Economics
Karoliina Auvinen, Project Lead at Aalto University School of Economics, +358 504624727
Lotta Liuksiala, Project Assistant at Aalto University School of Economics, +358442008100